Saturday, July 19, 2008

AMY E Shop 艾咪E舖 Spree #1 [COMPLETED]

Closing: 30 July 2008, Wednesday 1pm

Status: 40 39 confirmed items

!!Take Note!!

The item price stated on the website refers to the price of 1 T-shirt only, NOT a set of couple T-shirts.

Shipping Fee (for this spree only)

(As guy's apparels are generally heavier than girl's apparels, the following shipping fees will be collected)

Ladies' T-shirts - $2.50 per item

Men's T-shirts - $3 per item

All pants - $4 per item


1. Visit AMY E Website at:

2. Browse through the items, taking note of the measurements of the items carefully.

3. Click on the items you want, taking note of the item details:

- Item code/name:

- Item URL:

- Colour:

- Size: (or state F = Free Size)

- Quantity:

- Price in NTD:

- Image (Copy and paste a picture of your item)

4. Email the above item details to together with your particulars, according to the order format.

5. Wait for confirmation email before you proceed with the full payments.


1. Junhai - 2 items [paid] [collected]

2. Veronica - 4 items [paid] [collected]

3. Wilson - 2 items [paid] [collected]

4. Shiyun - 5 items [paid] [1 item OOS - substituted] [collected]

5. Jasmine Chng - 2 items [paid] [collected]

6. Janice - 4 items [paid] [collected]

7. Chuan Ji - 5 items [paid] [collected]

8. Shihui - 1 item [paid] [collected]

9. Cynthia - 1 item [paid] [collected]

10. Tian boon - 3 items

11. Gabriel - 1 item [paid]

12. KY - 6 items [paid] [collected]

13. Eunice - 5 items [paid] [1 item OOS - refunded] [collected]

14. Jeannie - 2 items [paid] [2 item OOS - substituted] [collected]


- [30/07/2008] Spree closed. Spree-ers who have ordered items please make payment by 23:59 today to avoid delays in order. Thank you.

- [31/07/2008] Payment received from all spree-ers except one. Fashion DoReMi apologised for not being able to extend the dateline for payment any further as stocks may be running out on the supplier's side. This is also to be fair to spree-ers who made payment promptly. Orders of 40 items sent to supplier. Awaiting reply.

- [01/08/2008] Supplier replied that payment has to be made first before they advise on stock availability. Payment made to and received by supplier. Supplier said will check on stock availability and revert on Monday. Awaiting reply.

- [04/08/2008] Did not hear from supplier. Emailed supplier to ask about the status of the orders. Supplier replied that they are still checking on the stock availability. Will revert again. Awaiting reply.

- [05/08/2008] Supplier emailed that 4 items are out of stock. Affected spree-ers notified to either substitute item or withdraw the item. 3 substituted items emailed to supplier. Awaiting reply.

- [06/08/2008] Supplier replied that all 39 items are in stock. Will ship out items by tomorrow and revert on shipping details. Awaiting shipping details.

- [08/08/2008] Supplier reverted that they have shipped out all the 39 items yesterday. Hooray!
Tracking number: CC098512845TW
Tracking website:
Estimated to reach Singapore by next week. Hooray!

- [13/08/2008] Parcel has reached Speedpost Singapore! Yeah! Expecting parcel to reach Fashion DoReMi within 3 working days (as advised by Singpost).

- [14/08/2008] Parcel has arrived at Fashion DoReMi this afternoon! Hooray! Spree-ers notified regarding collection.

- [22/09/2008] All items collected. Spree completed successfully. Thank you to all spree-ers who placed items! =)

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