Saturday, August 16, 2008

Taiji Spree #1 [COMPLETED]

Closing: 27 August 2008, Wednesday 1pm

Status: 42 33 confirmed items

(Click on images to enter the various products and promotion sites)

Shipping Fee (for this spree only)

(As guy's apparels are generally heavier than girl's apparels, the following shipping fees per item will be collected)

$1.50: Accessories, necklaces, bracelets, belt, shades, rings

$3: T-shirts and shirts

$3.50: Jackets, wind-breakers

$4: Bermudas

$4.50: Bags

$5: Jeans


2. Browse through the items, taking note of the measurements of the items carefully.

3. Click on the items you want, taking note of the item details:
(Please let us know if you are ordering items under the various promotion categories)

- Item name: (Please copy and paste the full title of the item)

- Item URL:

- Colour:

- Size: (or state F = Free Size)

- Quantity:

- Price in NTD:

- Image (Copy and paste a picture of your item)

4. Email the above item details to together with your particulars, according to the order format.

5. Wait for confirmation email before you proceed with the full payments.


1. Junhai - 1 item [paid] [collected]

2. Derek - 1 item

3. Jacqueline Tay - 1 item [paid] [OOS - withdraw - $ to offset next purchase]

4. Shiyun - 2 items [paid] [collected]

5. Apple - 1 item

6. Eugene - 1 item [paid][collected]

7. Kau Soon - 1 item [paid][collected]

8. Gerald - 2 items [paid][collected]

9. Zoey - 4 items [paid][1 item OOS - refunded][collected]

10. Ade - 1 item [paid][collected]

11. Darren - 3 items

12. Wen Jie - 3 items [paid][collected]

13. Poh Beng - 4 items [paid][collected]

14. Melvin - 3 items [paid] [1 item OOS - substituted][collected]

15. Cynthia - 6 items [paid] [1 item OOS - withdraw][collected]

16. Joe - 1 item [paid][collected]

17. Joel - 1 item [paid][collected]

18. Gill - 1 item [paid][collected]

19. Andrew - 3 items [paid] [1 item OOS - withdraw, $ to offset next purchase][collected]

20. Kai Xun - 2 items [paid] [1 item OOS - substituted] [collected]


- [27/08/2008] Spree closed. Spree-ers who have placed orders kindly make the full payment by 23:59pm tonight to avoid any delays in ordering. Thank you.

- [28/08/2008] Payment received from all spree-ers except three. Fashion DoReMi apologised for not being able to extend the dateline for payment any further as stocks may be running out on the supplier's side. This is also to be fair to spree-ers who made payment promptly. Orders of 37 items sent to supplier. Awaiting reply.

- [28/08/2008] Supplier replied that 5 items are out of stock and will not be restocked, 1 item needs time to restock. Affected spree-ers notified to either substitute with other items or to withdraw.

- [31/08/2008] Substituted items sent to supplier. Awaiting reply.

- [01/09/2008] Supplier replied that 1 substituted item out of stock as well, and 1 item that previously needs time to restock has already arrived. Affected spree-er notified.

- [02/09/2008] Substituted item sent to supplier. Supplier confirmed that there is stock for it and all the 34 items. Awaiting payment instructions from supplier.

- [04/09/2008] Payment made to supplier. Awaiting shipment details. Supplier emailed to say that 2 items are out of stock, even though they have previously said that they are instock. Argh! Affected spree-ers notified. Awaiting instructions from spree-ers.

- [05/09/2008] One substitute items made. Supplier shipped out all items today in 2 parcels.
Tracking number: CC091463972TW/ CC090910489TW
Tracking websites:
Estimated to reach Fashion DoReMi by next week.

- [10/09/2008] Both parcels arrived at Singapore Speedpost today! Hooray! Estimated to reach Fashion DoReMi by next Monday.

- [12/09/2008] Parcel arrived at Fashion DoReMi this afternoon. Notification email sent to spree-ers regarding collection.

- [25/09/2008] All items collected. Spree completed successfully. Thank you all spree-ers who placed orders in this spree. Cheers!

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